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Massachusetts General Law c. 111, Sec. 70E details the Patients’ Bill of Rights. As a patient, your rights include the right to participate in the development and implementation of your plan of care and to have a patient advocate with you during treatment. If you are having surgery, we encourage you to bring a patient advocate to take notes and assert your patient rights when needed.

Every patient shall have the right:

  • To be treated in a caring, safe and compassionate way.
  • To receive timely, complete and accurate information.
  • To know the name and specialty of those providing care.
  • To say yes or no to treatment as allowed by law.
  • To ask questions about what is happening and why.
  • To have things explained in their preferred language.
  • To have privacy (within the capacity of the facility) when being examined or when talking to a health care provider.
  • To be evaluated and treated for pain.
  • To choose who may be present to provide emotional support.
  • To review and request medical records, as allowed by law.
  • To say yes or no to taking part in a research study.
  • To get timely responses to questions or concerns.
  • To know how health information is used and shared.

To raise concerns or have any questions about any of this information contact our Practice Manager, Becky Bedard (781) 591-7855.

You can obtain a copy of the law called the Massachusetts Patient Bill of Rights here.