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Dec 18, 2022

Journal Watch: The effects of osteopathic manipulative treatment on pain and disability in patients with chronic neck pain

Dr. David Norton

In this study, a total of 97 participants with chronic, nonspecific neck pain were enrolled. The ages of participants ranged from 21 to 65 years old.

Patient were randomized into immediate treatment and delayed (waiting period first) treatment groups. Treatment consisted of 4 sessions of OMT over 4 to 6 weeks. The primary outcome measures included average pain, current pain, and neck disability index. The secondary outcomes included PROMIS-29 v1.0 health domains and fear avoidance belief questioner. The outcome measures obtained were evaluated using general linear models and after adjusting for baseline values.

Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine (ONMM) uses hands on techniques in the treatment of a patient in addition to other standard of care modalities. Nerves, muscles and bones make up two-thirds of the body mass of a human organism and their pathology and physiology can be elucidated and influenced in systematic and predictable ways with these hands on techniques.

Results demonstrated significantly reductions in average pain, current pain, and disability. There was also improvement in secondary outcomes related to sleep, fatigue, and depression. No study-related serious adverse events were reported in this study.


This is now the 4th randomized control trial that demonstrates the effectiveness of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment on reducing chronic neck pain along with improving sleep, reducing fatigue, and depression. The study also demonstrates Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment is a safe, cost effective, and can be synergistic with other forms of treatment modalities.

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