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May 23, 2024

Journal Watch: Dose Matters in Platelet Rich Plasma

Journal Watch

Recent studies have indicated that excessive corticosteroid injections can cause hyperglycemia, atrophy of subcutaneous tissue and detrimental effects on cartilage (Mohamadi et al; Waterbrook et al.). Therefore, platelet rich plasma or PRP has attracted increased attention as an alternative to corticosteroid injections.

PRP is obtained from a patient’s own blood, and the platelets are concentrated and reinjected into the affected body part (Descalzi et al.; Yin et al.). PRP contains a variety of growth factors that are helpful in the healing process (Kaux et al.; Yerlikaya et al.) and alter joint homeostasis on multiple levels (Dhillon et al.; Boswell et al.; Spreafico et al.).

Many variables have been theorized to affect the outcome of a PRP injection, including platelet count, leukocyte count, local anesthetic use, oral medications (NSAIDs, Aspirin), age, alcohol use, diet, and exercise, but until recently we have lacked clinical studies clarifying which variables truly matter.

AANA PRP Dose Study

In a recent systematic review, Berrigan et al performed a study analyzing the effect of platelet count on the efficacy of PRP (Berrigan et al.). In this study, the authors reviewed 29 studies with 31 treatment arms (to be included in the study, studies had to be randomized control trials, provide platelet count / concentration / or dose, and report outcomes to a minimum of 6 months).

The authors found that the average platelet dose in the 28 treatment arms with a positive outcome was ~5.5 billon platelets, whereas the 3 treatment arms with no positive difference had an average platelet dose of ~2.3 billion platelets (p<0.01).

At Boston Sports and Biologics, we measure the pre-procedure platelet count in our patients’ blood, and the post-spin count in the PRP. This way we know exactly how many platelets patients are receiving. Additionally, we aim for a goal of 10 billion platelets, which a prior randomized control trial (Bansal et al.) demonstrated was necessary “to have a long sustained chondroprotective effect”.


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Journal Watch: Dose Matters in Platelet Rich Plasma

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