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Oct 16, 2020

Avoid Traditional Orthopedic Surgery with the Tenex-Bone Micro-Needle

Recently I presented our early data using the Tenex bone Micro-needle. We have done more cases with the Tenex-bone Micro-needle than any other group in New England for orthopedic indications, including for calcific tendinitis, bone prominence (i.e. Haglund deformity, Haglund syndrome, chronic Osgood Schlatter’s disease) and bony spurs (i.e. Achilles enthesiophyte or Achilles spur, anterior ankle impingement or spurs, and early Hallux rigidus).

Link to this presentation:

The Tenex-bone needle was released in May of 2019, and the TX-Bone (TXB) MicroTip was developed, indicated, and FDA cleared for the treatment of hard tissue pathology. The presentation reviews common indications and how the Tenex technology can help you potentially avoid surgery.

In our region, patients that do not respond to physical therapy, injections and bracing are often only provided with surgical options. In fact, we saw 2 patients in the past month with shoulder pain and calcifications in the rotator cuff tendon who were only provided surgical options. These patients were able to avoid a surgical procedure requiring general anesthesia, avoid a rotator cuff repair and return to normal activity within days of the procedure.

Dr. Sussman is a very compassionate and knowledgeable provider that was able to help me with my shoulder condition. His expertise in the non-invasive treatment using Tenex to remove an extremely large shoulder calcification in my left shoulder when other doctors were only willing to perform traditional surgery was a God sent. My procedure and recovery was exactly what he indicated and I highly recommend Dr. Sussman and his staff.

Kristin M. – Sep 18, 2020

During traditional arthroscopic surgery for calcific rotator cuff tendonitis a small incision is made into the tendon and a shaver is used to remove the calcification. In some cases, the surrounding rotator cuff is removed and now requires a rotator cuff tear. The video below shows how quickly the Tenex needle can remove a very large calcification in minutes without damaging the rotator cuff.

With a barbotage procedure using Tenex we were able to remove the calcification with only a local anesthesia. The procedure uses a needle to remove the calcification and avoids any damage to the rotator cuff tendon. To learn more about minimally invasive approaches to shoulder calcification or rotator cuff calcifications contact us at

20 Walnut St. Suite 14

Wellesley MA 02481

P: (781) 591-7855

Removing a Shoulder Calcification with Tenex

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