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Dec 17, 2023

Journal Watch: Ultrasound Guided Viscosupplementation Injections Delay Total Knee Replacement Surgery Compared to Traditional Injections

Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is common, and nonsurgical options are limited. Viscosupplementation injections have been used to provide lubrication to the knee joint and provide sustained benefits by effecting the physiology of the knee joint (Altman et al.; Altman et al.; Bowman et al.).

In many clinics, knee injections are performed using landmark guidance (i.e. without confirming that the injection is going into the knee with imaging such as x-ray or ultrasound). In a large systematic review, these landmark-guided injections were accurate in only 70 to 74% of cases when the patient was seated on a table with the knee bent (Maricar et al.). In contrast, with image guidance the joint injection accuracy substantially improved to 98% (Maricar et al.; Daniels et al.).

Viscosupplementation injections have been associated with delaying total knee replacement surgery (Altman et al.; Altman et al.; Delbarre et al.; Ong et al.; Waddell et al.). For viscosupplementation injections to be effective the medication must be placed within the joint, and an inadvertent injection into the tissue outside of the knee joint does not provide any benefit. Ultrasound is one form of visualization that ensures accuracy of needle placement into the knee joint to optimize benefits.

In a study by Lundstrom et al., ultrasound-guided viscosupplementation injections were compared to landmark guided injections and the study examined whether the use of guidance impacted the rate of knee replacement surgery. The authors did not distinguish between which brand of viscosupplementation injection was used.

In the 1147 patients enrolled in the study, 647 of the procedures were landmark guided and 500 were ultrasound guided. The rate of a total knee replacement was significantly less in the patients whose injection was ultrasound guided and fewer patients in the ultrasound group needed subsequent injections.

Ensuring that the viscosupplementation or hyaluronic acid injection was accurately injected into the joint significantly reduced knee replacement rates.

Learn more about viscosupplementation injections here.


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