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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Dedham MA

If you live in or around the New England area, you do not need to live in pain. Dr. Walter Sussman is board certified in physiatry with fellowship training in sports medicine near Dedham MA.

Dr. Sussman manages both acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries, including chronic tendon injuries, joint pain and arthritis, concussions, chronic tennis or golfers’ elbow, trigger finger, rotator cuff tears, calcific tendonitis, hip bursitis, patella tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, Haglund deformity, frozen shoulder and plantar fasciitis.

Our goal is to avoid one-size-fits all medicine. Treatments are tailored to match the patient's goals, using diagnostic ultrasound and offering non-surgical alternatives to orthopedic surgery/conditions, including platelet rich plasma (PRP), stem cell injections, Tenex and interventional orthopedic procedures.

Looking for Top Notch Orthopedic or Sports Medicine Physician near Dedham MA?

Finding great nonoperative orthopedic and sports medicine care near Dedham MA is not difficult. Dr. Walter Sussman is one of the best around. He has completed thousands of successful PRP/platelet rich plasma injections and Tenex procedures for chronic tendon pain, rotator cuff tears, joint arthritis, meniscus tears, chronic ligaments sprains, hip bursitis, frozen shoulder and plantar fasciitis.

He has published articles on ultrasound to diagnose
musculoskeletal injuries, regenerative injections and minimally invasive procedures and concussion management, and is an editor on the new comprehensive text book on Regenerative Medicine and Interventional Orthopedics

A Regenerative Medicine Physician near Dedham MA Using Advanced Treatments?

If you have chronic tendon or joint pain near Dedham MA, and you want to go to a physician who can offer you alternative to orthopedic surgery call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sussman. Dr. Sussman offers advanced treatment options that not all surgeons can do. He uses high resolution ultrasound to guide procedures. Many of these procedures are preformed with needles or a mico-incision that mean less pain, a shorter healing time and avoiding general anesthesia needed with traditional surgery.

Our website details these different procedures and many patients travel from nearby Dedham MA and surrounding areas to our clinic located outside Boston off of I-95.

Contact Dr. Sussman for great nonsurgical orthopedic and sports medicine care near Dedham MA.

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20 Walnut St

Wellesley MA